Setup in 2007

QB-1st reno

New Look in 2013

QB-2nd reno

Expanded to South Beach Avenue in 2016


Makeover in 2010


Setup Cask 81 in 2013


Current Store @ Waterfront Plaza

It took one crazy idea and years of dedication for Quaich Bar founders Khoon Hui and Joyce to see their risky gamble pay off after leaving their jobs in the corporate world to pursue their passion for fine whiskies.

Their venture started in 2005 as a humble retail kiosk in Tanglin Mall called “The Whisky Store”. The market lacked a dedicated whisky bar at the time and they pursued their passion, opening Singapore’s first whisky bar a year later.

They soon reaped in notable accolades for their contributions to the whisky culture in Singapore. The Whisky Store was awarded the ‘Great Whisky Bar of the World’ title by the international Whisky Magazine in 2006. In 2007, the bar was renamed Quaich Bar.

In 2010, Quaich Bar was voted ‘Top 10 Best Unique Bars’ by regional gastronomic publication, Epicure. It is also a stop-over for master distillers worldwide who regularly conduct introductions or workshops to showcase their signature brands.

After nine years of spreading the word of good whisky at the original outlet nestled at the corner of Waterfront Plaza next to Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, a second outlet was opened at South Beach Avenue, next to JW Marriott Hotel, in 2016.

a Great Whisky Bar of The World for outstanding presentation, promotion and knowledge of great whiskies from around the world

– according to The Whisky Magazine, the standard bearer for whisky connoisseurs the world over